Home security improvements are among the best improvements you can make on your home. These not only offer excellent returns of investment but also, peace of mind. According to the FBI, a home in the United States is robbed every 15 seconds. Making sure that your home is safe and secure against intruders is a must with today’s crime rates. Additionally, if you plan on selling your home later on, good security features can definitely add to the price.

Good outdoor lighting

Home intruders often look for properties where plenty of cover is available. At night, if a home doesn’t seem to have adequate lighting outdoors, they often consider it an easy target. There are many great options for installing outdoor lighting without taking a hit on your energy costs. Since keeping the lights on all night can take a hit to your energy costs, you can invest in motion-activated outdoor lighting for great results. These systems are readily available and can be installed by a skilled electrician without much hassle.

Strategic landscaping

Needless to say, burglars are looking for an easy way in and an easy way out. One of the easiest and most affordable home security improvements you can make is to consider strategic landscaping. According to home security experts, it is best if you can arrange your landscaping to make sure that your doors and windows are easily visible from the street. If an intruder can get inside your property and disappear behind the bushes, then it is easy for them to get inside your home. You can also replace the plants around windows with gravel paths which are difficult to walk on without making a crunching noise. If you have tall trees, make sure to keep them trimmed so that an intruder can’t gain access to upper floors via branches.

Update your external doors

If the doors on the outside of your house are made with hollow cores, then it is a good idea to consider replacing them. A front door upgrade is not only a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal but also a great way to enhance your homes security. A tough, durable door which is hard to break down is a great option to make sure that your home is secure against burglars. You can choose doors made from solid wood or steel doors for maximum security.

You can also ask your roofing company to find out if they can inspect your roof for any extraneous entrance points.  It’s actually true that some criminals can use holes in roofing to enter the attic or even use the chimney to get into the house.

Choose locks that are tough to pick

No matter how tough your doors may be, your locks need to be stronger. Deadbolt locks are considered to be the safest lock type as they are installed with long screws which are secured into the framing. If you don’t wish to take your existing locks out, you can also consider reinforcing your doorjambs with metal strike plates for added security. If your budget allows it, you may even consider key-less locks and locks that come equipped with alarms. There are even some options which can sound an alarm of pressure is applied against the door.

Secure your windows

If a burglar can’t find their way in through the doors, they will look at the windows next. Unlocked windows are highly attractive to intruders and they can be opened with a little effort. If your windows don’t have locks, make sure to add them as a matter of priority. There is a wide variety of window locks to choose from, including locking pins, lock nails and wedge lock nails among many others. If your window locks require keys, make sure to keep them near the windows at a discreet place that only you and your family members can easily access.